How to find a man on the internet

How to Find a Good Man on the Internet Best Tips in 2024

How to Find a Good Man on the Internet Check this out if you want him to fall in love with you and give you his whole attention.
How to Get a Man to Go Crazy for You

A Guide to Online Dating for Women: How to Find a Good Man on the Internet

How to Find a Good Man on the Internet

Do you feel enthusiastic? Let’s get right into today’s subject!

Sure, I was dating online! This video is about online dating; I’ll specifically cover locating amazing men on dating websites like eHarmony,, and others.

There are many great men on dating apps; the trick is to filter out the weirdos and phony profiles so you can focus on the ones worthy of your attention.

I urge you to attempt online dating again, even if your first experience failed. Just be sure to use all the advice and techniques this time.

Let me briefly go over the benefits of online dating before I go into some of this lesser-known advice:

A lot more males are available for you to meet.

Offline, you may run across males in the grocery store, the gym, the bar via familiar friends, at work, etc.

But what if your Mr. Perfect doesn’t share any buddies, doesn’t frequent your favorite bar or gym, and lives on the opposite side of town?

You can connect with many more males online whom you otherwise wouldn’t be able to meet or engage with in person.

Your search may be targeted.

I’ve worked with some coaching clients who are only interested in dating men with similar religious beliefs. For instance, dating websites allow you to filter out men who don’t match your criteria, s

You can join a Christian site and know he will fit that description even before you meet him.

There are also peculiar specialist dating services available. For example, Farmers

There is a website for single farmers or gluten-free singles if you’re trying to meet someone who has celiac disease. There are other strange ones, too, but I’ll let you search for them.

You don’t need to exert much energy.

If you’re utilizing a dating site, you can sit back and wait for a man to contact you after creating a solid profile. There’s no need to get dressed up and go out to meet males.

Although it’s not always the most incredible method to meet men online, it is still possible since many more men than women use dating services.

Before the first date, you may do your homework.

How to Find a Good Man on the Internet

It’s annoying to show up for a blind date that your buddies arranged to find out that your date is a balding, scruffy troll with an equally shabby disposition.

By chatting with a man online before agreeing to meet him, you may at least get to know him better and lessen the likelihood of a disastrous first date.

These are the four main benefits of internet dating,

but there are a few disadvantages, the most significant of which is the risk to one’s safety.

You should exercise caution when disclosing too much personal data on dating services and when you first meet someone in person since there are creepy guys with evil intentions,

just like in the real world. You’ll be OK if you adhere to basic safety precautions.

The second disadvantage of online dating

It is the same as one of the benefits I just discussed: you can choose from thousands of men online, which is good if it doesn’t make you too picky.

So, resist the urge to delete messages from men who don’t quite fit your ideal man.

Scientists know this as the “theory of choice,” but in my opinion, it’s usually an excellent issue to have.

The following actions will increase the likelihood that you will find your soulmate over the Internet:

Select the website carefully

As previously said, there are hundreds of dating websites available, and some are better than others unless you’re specifically looking to date Catholics, farmers,

or individuals who engage in any other kind of gluttony. Next, I advise you to register with a few of the most popular dating services,

such as Plenty of Fish, eHarmony, and There are often a lot of local men that use such sites.

While most of those losers are too lazy to spend an hour filling out questionnaires,

the matching algorithms promoted by certain dating services do have one benefit:

They filter out the creeps who only want to be banged.

Likewise, choose a premium dating service over a free one if you’re seeking a committed relationship rather than a hookup.

People prepared to pay for a membership are often far more serious about finding love online.

Create a fantastic profile.

Writing a solid profile is not as difficult as you think.
How to Find a Good Man on the Internet

Select the appropriate picture first.

This entails picking a photo that is attractive but not overtly romantic or sexist; girls, if you’re seeking a spouse on this platform, your profile photo shouldn’t be 90% cleavage.

Additionally, it’s never a terrible idea to include a picture or two of you with friends, ex, other attractive males, etc.

This helps you seem more appealing to any males viewing your profile by quietly communicating that you are beautiful and sought by men.

Regarding the profile itself, don’t overthink it.

It’s okay to omit aspects that aren’t attractive or ambiguous, particularly regarding personal information.

However, avoid writing an utterly blank line or profile since this will only result in unpleasant and unsuccessful first dates. Make it concise,

list some of your best features without boasting, and try to include a joke or humorous tale.

Write correctly as well.

Several of my coaching customers have lamented their failure to find love online when they realized their profile seemed to have been written by a five-year-old.

Rather than making that error, please use good spelling in whole sentences.

Refrain from immediately deleting every sporadic communication you get on dating apps.

We understand that receiving 25 new messages daily might be daunting, mainly if most are complete junk.

However, instead of discarding any messages that even slightly seem plausible, go through your inbox, read the statement, and check the guy’s profile.

You will sometimes get messages from regular quality guys if you are a terrific catch for any man, which I’m sure you would be.


Although I previously said that using dating services to find dates requires very little work, it isn’t the ideal approach.

If you go through profiles and get in touch with men who catch your eye, you’ll be much more successful.

Remember that males have a different experience with online dating; therefore, unless a man looks like Ryan Reynolds, his inbox will be barren.

You nearly always receive answers from most of the males you approach if you try to contact all the guys who fit your criteria.

Don’t be picky about who you contact,

particularly in the beginning. Exercise caution if you encounter a profile that seems too good to be true.

I hate to break it to you, women, but it’s doubtful that a man who claims to be a brain surgeon and philanthropist and has a body straight out of Fitness Magazine is really who he says he is.

Don’t waste your time on individuals whose profiles seem too flawless or suspicious.

Before agreeing to meet in person, send each other a few texts.

How to Find a Good Man on the Internet

Avoid developing a pen pal connection with a guy for six months before your first date since studies have shown that communicating excessively before meeting a man might be detrimental.


You do want to know a few fundamental facts about the man:

Is he searching for a serious relationship or just a casual fling? Can he read and write like an adult? Does he have a job? Does he have a sense of humor?

The sooner you meet them in person, the sooner you’ll be able to determine if they’re worth your time or merit a second date.

Suppose you’re still intrigued after getting a feel of the fundamentals, phone and ask for coffee.

Use caution while organizing your first face-to-face encounter.

First and foremost, always insist on going on a first date in a public place with a person you meet online.

You may go bowling, meet for coffee at Starbucks, or go to a bar after work. For your safety, this is a no-brainer.

How to Find a Good Man on the Internet


you should ensure a simple,

credible backup plan in case the date doesn’t work out. Unlike going to the movies, meeting for coffee doesn’t need you to commit to spending many hours with the person.

A coffee date may easily transition into a dinner date if things are going well, but ending it after 20 minutes is also OK.

Another excellent method is asking a buddy to call you ten or fifteen minutes into the date.

If things are going well, you may ignore the call, or if you need to depart sooner, you can pretend it’s your boss calling and use that as an excuse.


A lot of women are capable of reaching this stage on their own.

Much of what I’ve just said is not very complicated, but for many women, the hard part is going on a second date or converting a brief fling into a committed commitment.

Even beautiful and accomplished women often have trouble convincing men to commit to them or holding their attention.

Please watch the video below if you like what you learned here and want to discover How To Make A Man Obsess Over You.

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